linksys router Password And ip

list of Default Linksys routers password , username and ip

Router Ip / Protocol Username Password
Default(All other routers) (blank) admin
WAP200 (blank) admin
WAP4400N (blank) admin
WAP54A (blank) admin
WAP54G Router (blank) admin
WAP54G (blank) admin
WAP54GP admin admin
WAP54GPE admin admin
WAP54GX admin admin
WCG200 (blank) admin
WRT300N (blank) admin
WRT54G v4 http: (blank) admin
WRT54G http: (blank) admin
WRT54GC (blank) admin
WRT54GL (blank) admin
WRT54GP2 (blank) admin
WRT54GP2A-AT (blank) admin
WRT54GR (blank) admin
WRT54GX (blank) admin
WRT54GX2 (blank) admin
WRT54GX4 (blank) admin
WRTP54G-ER admin admin
WRTSL54GS (blank) admin
WTR54GS (blank) admin