D-link Default Password And ip

a list of Default D-link password , username and ip

Router Ip / Protocol Username Default Password
Default(All other routers) admin (blank)
DGL-4100 admin (blank)
DGL-4300 admin (blank)
DGL-4500 admin (blank)
DIR-130 admin (blank)
DIR-300 admin (blank)
DIR-330 admin (blank)
DIR-450 admin (blank)
DIR-451 admin (blank)
DIR-615 admin (blank)
DIR-625 admin (blank)
DIR-635 Admin (blank)
DIR-655 admin (blank)
DIR-660 admin (blank)
DIR-855 admin (blank)
DSL-504T admin admin
DSL-G604T admin admin
DWL-1000AP+ admin (blank)
DWL-1700AP admin root
DWL-1750 admin root
DWL-2100AP admin (blank)
DWL-2200AP admin (blank)
DWL-2210AP admin admin
DWL-2700AP admin (blank)
DWL-3150 admin (blank)
DWL-3200AP admin (blank)
DWL-5000AP admin (blank)
DWL-6000AP admin (blank)
DWL-7000AP admin (blank)
DWL-700AP admin (blank)
DWL-7100AP admin (blank)
DWL-7200AP admin (blank)
DWL-810 admin (blank)
DWL-810+ admin (blank)
DWL-AG700AP admin (blank)
DWL-G700AP admin olinda
DWL-G710 admin (blank)
DWL-G730AP admin (blank)
DWL-G800AP admin (blank)
DWL-G820 admin (blank)
EBR-2310 admin (blank)
WBR-1310 admin (blank)
WBR-2310 admin (blank)
WBR-2310 admin (blank)