Best Wireless Router guide

when it comes to the "best of", you should always ask what you need a router for ?
Absolutely, you want to choose an N (draft 2) router, wireless nrouters offer much better coverage and throughput speed than G routers , besides , they are affordable now .
there are many other things to consider like your budget, personal or company use,features you need from a router...

routers are made for different Target audience :

General wireless Internet usage and home office productivity:

best home router

if you need a simple stable internet wireless connection , then you can get a such router with N technology(delivering more throughput speed and larger coverage than G standard) offering solid performance for affordable price (around 50$) .
here are detailed comparison of three of the Best Wireless N Routers for general home use we reviewed :

best Wireless Routers for Home Use

there are also some cheaper N routers like TP-LINK TL-WR941ND or D-Link DIR-615 which cost less than 40$.

many people need a large coverage for sharing Connectivity on big homes , in this case I recommend taking a look at belkin N+ review , it can achieve 600 feet with good signal which we never got with all wireless routers N we had reviewed so far.

Online Gaming:

best gaming router

if you are an online gamer , then you need a router which minimize in-game lag and boost network efficiency and performance for an optimized online gaming experience ,Stability is another issue, as a wireless router that constantly drops connections is of no use in a gaming situation.
also , i would like to notice that 5Ghz frequency can be very effective for online gaming on short range by offering better performance and lower ping ,

here are 3 great wireless N routers for gaming purpose:

Top Wireless Routers for Gaming

Internet-enabled HDTVs And Home entertainment connectivity:

best Home entertainment router

When it comes to home entertainment , the router must be able to stream HD movies,Gaming online and include media server to streams music, video, and photos to any UPnP compatible media adapter in your house .
these category of routers include lot of features and High performance but also a bit expensive ( 100$+ ):

best wireless Routers for entertainment

wireless routers on this page are all Draft N 2.0 routers, some are Single band(2.4Ghz) ,the other Dual Band(2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). They are among the best we reviewed.